The Celtics survived Q1; are they back where they should be?

Can you remember the feeling? The four horsemen were emerging from the horizon and the glow of the apocalyptic flames indicated the end of days. We were almost at the quarter point of the 2018-2019 NBA season and the hotly-tipped Boston Celtics were at .500. Such dread.

Fans expressed their dismay on Twitter, journalists crafted their takes, bars around the city rang with the sound of debate and even the CelticsLife comments section showcased a serious amount of premature doubt. Some were calling for trades; others were vehemently demanding patience.

Inarguably, although they were reintegrating two All-Stars, establishing roles and making significant adjustments to their rotation, Boston just didn’t look to have it early on this season. However, things have looked much brighter in the last week or so, with certain sticking points resolving themselves organically. Could the five consecutive recent wins mean that it’s finally coming together?

Of course, with the Milwaukee Bucks beating Toronto last night, Boston are just 3 back in losses from the top seed. It’s not just any run though. While the historic victory against the Chicago Bulls may inflate the number, the team’s current point differential is nothing to scoff at.

As Terry Rozier said, we probably were all very annoying when the team were losing, but that my friends, is sports. The season will be a rollercoaster and you can likely count on more ultimately inconsequential trade chatter, but trust me - the world will continue to turn.


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Photo via Maddie Meyer/Getty Images