Kyrie Irving's obscenities yield winning streaks - it's happening again

Kyrie Irving's retort to an obnoxious 76'ers fan (is there another type?) last season led to a 16-game winning streak for the Celtics. The fan's "Kyrie. Where's Lebron." was countered by Kyrie's "Suck my d---!" Boston went on to win that game and the following 15 contests.

This season just prior to Thanksgiving, Kyrie was asked about the holiday, to which he responded, "F--- Thanksgiving!", a heart-warming sentiment if ever I have heard one. So much for holiday cheer. The comment was driven by Irving's Sioux heritage, and it appears Kyrie's festive spirit for this holiday, at least, doesn't mesh with what most of us feel.

Following Obscenity #2, I wrote that we were about to find out if Kyrie's latest obscene shout-out might produce another winning streak. With the win against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston has racked up a 3-game winning streak. Will it continue? Does anyone know Irving's feelings about Christmas or the Chicago fans, the Celtics next road destination?

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Photo via Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Imges