Green Envy: What Wizards fans said, 12/12

The Boston Celtics outlasted the Washington Wizards in overtime for a 130-125 win, pushing their winning streak to seven games. After getting down double digits early in the second half, the C's offense came to life, and Kyrie Irving out dueled John Wall, knocking down two dagger threes to put the game away. The BOSvWAS rivalry isn't what it was a few years ago, but Washington fans were still none too pleased that they fell to a familiar foe. Let's see what they had to say about the loss!


LET'S GO WIZ! Hopefully we get to see some good basketball tonight!

Apparently we're only 3.5 point underdogs on the spread.

Wall comes back with a double double hopefully and we grab this W. John V Kyrie all night should be a fun view

Way to be assertive Sato!

That Beal reverse made me moist

Fuck these Celtics commentators anyone got a Wizards feed link?

Jeff Green is a straight killer. (Oh, you'll learn baby, you'll learn)

This is fun as hell, I think it'll be a good one tonight

I'll take that first quarter, Sato with a nice move to end it.

Ok that move to end the quarter was so like Manu by sato :))) (Let's not get ahead of ourselves there bud)

New bag policy enforcement causing obscene delays at the arena. Guards holding up the line to argue with people while not letting anyone in. There’s a big crowd, they’re just out in the cold. (OR, your team just sucks and nobody wants to watch them. Boom, roasted)

Rivers is useless

Like the moon landing, that foul was fake as fuck (#Topical)

We need a Wall/Beal/Sato/TBJ guard rotation. (So do all your opponents)

Stupid shot Oubre

So disrespectful that Celtic’s win probability went up when they found out that John was playing tonight (But also true)

I like the effort tonight

I hate late whistles no matter the call

Not sure why Stevens' trying to appeal that foul on Smart but okay...

Why can’t Oubre make a shot at home, on the road he’s a different person

Solid half, I like the effort overall

Lol at Oubre clanking the last shot to end the half. Why is he even in the game right then?

Btw there needs to be "THE EARTH IS ROUND" chants every single time Kyrie is at the line. In every arena in the NBA

John Wall playing with alot of energy tonight 💪 lets hope he keeps it up in the second !

Wallstar not 100% but showing he can adjust to criticism.

So many Celtics fans here. Just as loud for every wiz shot as for Boston unfortunately.

With a third star or superstar this team would dominate the east


Did y’all see Wall just let Kyrie make that reverse right in his face. Wall could’ve smashed that shit on the backboard

Wall was having a great game but he just came out chucking up shots and let Boston back in it.

the ugly aron baynes hit my man Bryant

Would that not have been a blocking foul on Smart since he seemed to slide into Brad's landing space?

Not rotating to shooters. Wall just standing at half court both shots

My god we are trash

Please stop the turnovers god

Embarrassing quarter

Wall should donate to charity for every shitty midrange shot he takes

We picked the wrong morris

Will we ever know what it's like to be good?

We paying rivers 12m to score 0 points

Lock kelly up everytime we are at home and play jeff green. Lock jeff green everytime we are away, play kelly. BENCH RIVERS=MINUTES FOR TROY BROWN AND DEKK THE HALLS

Ughhh this is stressful

Beal has been terrible this half. Like no points and 3 or 4 turnovers

Nobody pass the ball near Smart. Problem solved

Love how Smart hooked Jeff's arm on that drive but that's cool...

I generally try not to complain about the refs. But wtf on some of these fouls (*crying face emoji*)

Standard Wall, shit play.... cries about it.... God damn he sucks

This might be the worst rebounding team in the history of basketball

Wall thinks he gets fouled every drive

Yup, Wall keeps crying, doesnt get back on defense.... Irving goes down the court and fucks us as Wall jogs back




What a game so far, Wall and Beal came alive in the stretch.


This is best John Wall game this season, also Brad is something else and we are without 2 starters (granted the green guys have injuries too)

Lmao at Smart jumping from behind and getting the board on Morris I love this team, I laugh hysterically literally the entire game

Want to know what would be great, if Markieff actually jumped for a rebound so Smart can’t easily grab it and put it in.

Why'd we have to get the trash Morris? Did you see how Marcus smart got the rebound over him?

Oh god, I hope John just tweaked it.

I don't know if I should be cheering or fearing a made Oubre three.

Damn Boston announcer said Wall was faking it. Smh get this win, Wiz (I mean...)

The three point shot ruined basketball.

Hate Boston but not Kyrie. He is clutch

John Wall should host the oscars

All the K’s seem to hurt us. Kelly Olynk, KYRIE, geez stone cold daggers :(

Those let's go celtics chants make me sick.

One of the luckiest wins I've ever seen. That play near the end of regulation where wall blocked Morris dunk and the ball just ricocheted randomly off someone and in was absurd

I am sad :(

Kyrie on some Agent Zero shit. Oh well

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