Green Envy: What Pelicans fans said - 12/10

The Boston Celtics have gone streaking! Despite a pile of significant injuries, the Celts fended off the Pelicans and Anthony Davis' 41 points to win their sixth-straight game. New Orleans fans were surely expecting a victory after seeing the injury report, and were dissapointed with their team's effort. Here's what they had to say.

Top Three

This half court offense is offensive

Celtics literally just walking out of bounds with the ball and no call. Just totally carte blanche from the refs

Instead of walking to New Orleans
We will be marching to Zion - Well done sir..but if you're serious, you have some serious tanking to do

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Mirotic's defense has developed into Ryan Anderson. - That's lowkey a major chirp

How many years and Gentry's team still doesn't know how to set a pick?

I will never forgive Brooklyn for giving Boston all of those lottery picks over the last few years.

Why does Gentry still have a job?

this team is pure garbage defensively

Someone please break Ian Clark’s hand

This is the most frustrating team I’ve ever seen man. Get slaughtered by the Celtics B team.

Thank god the Saints are good


THE most embarrassing loss in 2 years

It's a short slate, but that's all we got from our friends in New Orleans! 'Til next time...

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