Green Envy: What Hawks fans said, 12/14

Coming off an exciting victory in Washington on Tuesday night, capping off a seven game winning streak, the Boston Celtics returned to Dunkin Donuts Land to host the Atlanta Hawks.


The Hawks know they're allowed to score right?

Good God, we suck.

We might give up 200 tonight.

Bulls watching this hoping we lost by 60. We just might too.

Collins is nice on the glass. Keep that energy up.

Kyrie is a warlock. He has to be.

Averaging 1 turnover per minute. Nice.

At least I don't have to hear Tommy Heinsohn in his game.

42-19 at the end of 1? Hey, 'Nique, wanna run?

Hey, we held them to 42 in the 1st Q this time. Cool.

Huerter looking good from deep -- can we put together a little run here?

Can we break 100 tonight?

Celtics trash on offense all of a sudden. We'll take it!

Old Man Carter tried to posterize that German dude. He failed, but "A" for effort.

Lead cut in half - let's go, Hawks!

Jaylen Brown looking like he's been hitting the Nyquil bottle.

Oh s***! Lead down to single digits!

Dude, Morris gonna kill us all night? Probably.

Down 11 at the half -- we lucky it's not 30.

Trae a -25 so far. Good thing we didn't grab Doncic though.


Can the bench be the starters?

Dear, Atlanta: Kyrie is good. Do not let him shoot.

Back with my popcorn. We up yet?

Is it safe to say Marcus Morris can shoot the damn ball?

Is that why they call him "Lob Williams"?

Thank God for Huerter. We'd be down a million without 'em.

This Tatum kid can hoop, yo.

Nice to know the Celtics 4th center is kicking our ass.

Block, party of 1, your table is now ready.

Celtics have 40 points of TOs. That's cute.

Here comes the AAU ball from our's a shame the vets are the worst culprits with that.

Oh no!

Some dude in here is volunteering to listen to Tommy Heinsohn. Holy s-it.
Celtics drop 41 in the quarter.

The turds are back. Welp.

Are we allowed to throw in the towel?

Can we please trade Dedmon?

Our bigs are weak as fk.

Alley - three by Bembry. Been that kinda game.

I guess Trae blew his load in Dallas.

Hawks team are quite hopeless...they need to revamp bigtime.

Someone wake me up during the draft.

Hey, Cuban. J/K on that Trae or Luka trade.

Is it over yet?

Were you around any Hawks fans during the game? If so, do you have any funny sound bytes you'd like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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