For the past six games, Celtics on a rampage - Is it those flotation tanks?

Has anyone checked for alien pods in the Celtics training facility? In a previous article, I warned our readers about those tanks in the new Auerbach Training Center. A horror movie was made about them titled Altered States, where a character in the movie goes into one - comes out as a feral being and goes on a rampage - just like the Celtics in their last six games. Could someone check on this.

Seriously, is this the same team? It is not just about the 6-game winning streak. During this streak they have have displayed talent, aggression, depth, versatility, offensive potency and defensive tenacity. They have looked unbeatable. Take a look at the numbers below.

The tough trio of Terry Rozier and the Marci (Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart) have a lot to do with this surge. This trio sets the tone for relentless pressure on opponents. They push the opposition to their limits and give no ground, never giving up on a play. They are like feral beings released from the sensory-deprivation chambers to go on a rampage.

Feral being after exit from isolation chamber (from Altered States)
Our Celtics players were simply too tame - too docile - too courteous, to begin the season. They were less than we anticipated. Tame? Docile? Not any more. They are feral, and they are on a mission. But still, could somebody check those tanks.

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