Celtics Repair Shop - Week #1 - Stop the selfish play

The Celtics season is 40% done, and the team sits in the fifth slot in the Eastern Conference standings with a 20-13 record. Correcting obvious issues is still a work-in-progress, and I am starting a new series of weekly articles focused on what is most-needed to get the Celtics on the right track to the Title. This is a great opportunity to express your concerns with either easy or complex fixes to get the team on track and keep them there.

Readers don't necessarily have to comment in this specific article. I will be looking at reader comments from all of my articles to choose each week's topic. This one will get us started via swissflix and Brian Fleming:

I was really upset with (Jayson) Tatum. Too selfish, especially with the fast break where Rozier was ahead of him.

Brian Fleming
Agreed, several times Tatum just didn't seem to play with focus and he continues to default, like (Jaylen) Brown, to very difficult long-range two point shots, and often early in the shot clock, instead of moving the ball and taking it to the hoop when the opportunity is there. This is a general overall problem with this team as several of the younger and very important players continue to play with their own agenda instead of playing as a team. Therefore, Coach Stevens needs to step the f--k up and reign in the selfish play and do everything he can to resurrect the lost chemistry this team had in spades the last few seasons.

I totally agree. Both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown had free reign last season because they needed it. Injuries had decimated the team, and the two youngsters had to step up - and they did brilliantly. This season is different. Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Daniel Theis are healthy, and the Jay-Team no longer needs to keep firing away when better (and team-oriented) options are available. Jaylen and Jayson need to adapt to the team's current landscape. That needs to come from coach Brad Stevens.

So what else needs fixing? Send us your thoughts, and we will tackle them in the coming weeks. And as always, thank you for your ideas, feedback and continued interest in CelticsLife.

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