Zion-Watch: Opposing teams are simply fodder for the Duke Blue Devils

As my readers know, this season I am tracking the Duke Blue Devils and their two main stars, Zion Williamson and R. J. Barrett. But the Sacramento Kings record is still in my sights, with my hope being that they sink. But thus far, they are 8-6, sitting in the eighth spot in the West.

Duke has a 3-0 record and right now they are just toying with the opposition. They recently defeated the Eastern Michigan Eagles 84-46, and it was a total destruction. Duke out-shot EM from the field 46.8%-to-30.9%. The blue Devils out-rebounded the Eagles 56-37, passed off for 23 assists compared to EM's nine, and had 11 blocks to the Eagles five.

Zion shot 10-of-12 from the field in that game, and is hitting at an 82% clip for the season. Barrett is definitely NBA material, and Williamson is unworldly. The fear of many observers is that Zion's weight and the type of game he plays may wreak havoc on his knees. That could happen, but right now he plays like his legs are steel springs. My Zion-Watch will continue. And some of those Western teams need to overtake the Kings. Stay tuned.

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Photo via USA Today Sports