The Utah Jazz Dancing Mare's only move should have been out

He wore Donovan Mitchell's number 45, but he was fat, old - and couldn't dance. His only move should have been out of the building, or at least away from Jayson Tatum - who was trying to inbound the ball. See for yourself.

The Celtics have The Dancing Bear who probably doesn't weigh much more than Utah's Dancing Mare. And Guerschon Yabusele must have better moves. Jayson kept his cool and didn't react to the Waltzing Walrus. Hopefully, Tubby Tango will make an appearance at TD Garden when the teams meet here. Gordon Hayward will get a great reception, and any Bloated Ballet will be halted quickly. I have never seen such a repulsive Belly Dance in my entire existence. At times, it seemed the only body part moving.

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Photo via Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America