Michael Rapaport & others respond to sucker punch by Fitchburg State basketball player

This was a horrendous act that has most basketball fans irate. The feed back resulting from the incident has been fiery, to say the least. Do-everything/say-anything character Michael Rapaport was quick to interject his take on Fitchburg State's Kewan Platt's premeditated elbow-to-the-face of Nichols College opponent, Nate Tenaglia.

Michael sounds pissed, doesn't he? And he should be. This wasn't even heat-of-the-moment stuff. Platt made sure the refs wouldn't see his attack, but he couldn't even do that right. He was seen and ejected - and later suspended. And then there is this!

My readers know that I am a retired Police Lieutenant, but may not know my wife Linda was Director of the New England Community Police Partnership - and my daughter, Lisa Lane McCarty is the Academy Director of the Police Academy at Fitchburg State University. With the media and public finding that Platt is (hopefully now WAS) a Criminal Justice major, they assumed he was part of Lisa's Police Recruit class. We should all be grateful he is definitely not part of the Recruit Class, and society should be thankful for that also.

College basketball, Fitchburg State and my daughter's terrific program should not take a hit because of this puke's actions. Lisa's first-ever graduates can be seen in the photo above. I met most of them and their families. They are what we need on the streets. Platt is not.

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Photo via The Wrap.com