Green Envy: What Cavs fans said - 11/30/18

The Celtics looked an awful lot like the team we exepected them to be tonight, albeit that performance came against a Cavs team that's destined to be a contender in the race to bottom of the NBA this season. Kyrie Irving was stellar against his old team, surely enough to send some of the Cleveland faithful to sleep tonight with some night terrors reminding them of what could've been. Aside from the Kyrie regrets we got some pretty vanilla commentary from Cavs fans. A far cry from the bitter rivalry we had just months ago.

Top Three:

Dream scenario is the Celtics underachieve drastically and miss playoffs.... Then fire Stevens so the Cavs can hire him.

I've watched every minute of this game
Is your head throbbing and neck veins about to burst? Sexton thinking he is vintage Allen Iverson out there.

I'm gonna tap out lads, I can't watch this iso anymore. Call me when Baker wins the Superbowl.

Baby Come Back:

I cant believe we traded Kyrie fucking Irving. Christ.
For two dudes who aren't even here anymore *got hood out of it, Zizic (god help us) and a pick which turned into Sexton.

damn can't believe we gave Kyrie away for a bag of peanuts. can't help but think we could've gotten alot better deal than 7th pick and broken IT

Watching Kyrie destroy us sucks.

Wonder if kyrie would come back to play with Zion, and sexton as a shooting guard, with Love and whoever else.

Full Slate:

This used to be a rivalry game. This is weird.

I seem to remember we made a trade right before the Boston game last year as well and we blew them out. Hmm...

Al Horford ducking Tristan Thompson

Normally I'm pretty okay with our team underperforming. I just really want to crush this Boston team

So we get the Celts excellent defense against our garbage offense. Cool.

This one might be over quick
It already is

Jan the Toyota lady sure did lose that baby weight fast, she looks great.

I wish we picked another game to suck this badly. I wanted to beat the Celtics tbh.

Can we just call the game now?

No wonder we're losing. Horford isn't playing. We got countered, boys.

2 touches and 2 turnovers, that's our Rodney baby.

Wholeheartedly expect Ky to drop 50

Wish Clarkson's name was Clerkson so anytime he hits a 3-pointer, I would just write down CL3RKSON which would be nice. But instead, I've been writing this to just congratulate Clarkson's 3 pointer.

Has Hayward been any good this season?
He’s been terrible
wonder if it has anything to do with coming back from that horrific injury?

Wait a second. Sexton appears to be wearing Kyrie 4s. I do not approve of that in this game.

Toronto will absolutely destroy Boston in the playoffs. Much like we used to do with Lebron. That will be so satisfying.

Korv3r made a 3 three seconds into his Jazz debut.

The Celtics are pretty mediocre sans Kyrie.

did I hear someone say after 30 seconds into the first quarter that this game was already over? cheer up people. have faith.


| *moments later*

I take it back

Kyrie continues to be ridiculous.

Every time the leads gets to 10, I have this draining feeling that the game is over.

Celtics are bad. Just wait for #11 to come off the floor.
Nah he’s overrated. He can’t play in the playoffs.
Yeah his 0/0/0 on 0% shooting last year was pretty bad.

Losing basketball is the most boring sport in the world.

I almost regret watching this shitshow.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a basketball team.
Pro or no?
I intentionally left out the word "professional"

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