Green Envy: What Bulls fans said, 11/14

After returning home from an extended road trip, the Boston Celtics got back in the win column with a 111-82 thumping of the Chicago Bulls. Granted the the Bulls are one of the worst teams in the league and missing a number of key players, but it was nice to see the C's give out a good old-fashioned butt kicking. The schedule is getting easier over the next month, so let's hope this win kick starts a trend. Here's what Bulls fans had to say after their ugly loss.

Pre-Game Comments

All I want is for our team to put a frown on the faces of every single obnoxious Saltics fan. (At least get to know us first...)

You think Boston's cool? I’ve never heard anybody say, ‘I’m going to Boston on vacation.’ What’s so good about Boston? (Count the rings, baby)

We would have won if Rondo was healthy...Never forget (#MoveOnAlready)

With the way the East is looking I'm not convinced we can't make the playoffs. Raptors, Bucks, 76ers, Celtics,and Pacers are locks. So there's 3 seeds left for The Hornets, Pistons, Wizards, and Heat who all look like teams that can compete. But with Dunn, Lauri, BP, and Denzal are we really worse than The Hornets?! Are we really worse than The Pistons or The Wizards?? It feels like Lauri, Dunn, and BP can all come out with major improvements and we can carry this team to the 8th seed. I can just feel it. (It's the best time of the year, when 90 percent of the fan bases around the league still think they have an outside shot at making the playoffs)


I don't care if we lose, I just want Zach to drop 30 and for Wendell to reject some shots. (Priorities)

Wendell makes me feel funny. (That's quite enough of that)

This is the kind of team that Jabari can go to town on, he's gonna have mismatches all game long

Imagine if we win this, the Celtics announcers would be so salty and the fans would have a meltdown (Honestly, true.)

Lazy shit from Bari letting himself down again, started the game well too

Boston defense looks kinda weak rn. Hayward really looks like trash out there

Archie fouled Kyrie's elbow with his face.

Alright Jabari needs to stop he wouldn’t post up Rozier little ass and follows it up by taking a bad shot

WCJ lacks some offensive awareness. Multiple times this season he turns around for a hook shot and gets blocked by help defense.

Got the Jimmy Butler show on the other screen. Are Philly the most annoying good team to watch? so frustrating. (Strongly agree)

Bari with 14pts and 3rbs on 6/9 FGs and 2/2 3s, all in only the first 12 minutes of play. not a bad line at all. go get it, young bull.

I hate Baynes

That clap at the official will get Lavine every time. 2nd time this year I wanna say.

Show these Boston softies the hardwood PLEASE

WCJ with 3 long 2's in a row. Not a fan.

Here we go again. Why are we absolute trash in second quarter?

Show mercy uncle Drew

This offense is worse then my YMCA rec league

What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold. Bulls in 2nd quarter.

You guys shouldn't feel bad. Celtics are a deep team, and Lavine has no good backup right now. Wendell is a little young and Horford and Baynes have experience on him. Parker and Holiday just look streaky.

Screw it, I'll just watch the country music awards


We're throwing clunkers today

Stop jogging back jabari you lazy prick

Is the consensus that Lauri is ok but they are holding him back for tanking?

Are we embracing the tank yet?

I have a saying i like to say with bad defenders:
"I like bad defenders who try even tho they may be a bad defender"
"I HATE bad defenders who don't even try and give no fks about D"

We are SO bad lol. I know. Injuries. But I don’t think it’s out of the question we can pick 5th. Gimme sum Reddish.

I think I have enough bricks to build a mansion and Olympian sized swimming pool, now. When it's ready, pool party. Drinks on me!

Im not the one for tanking. I still believe in this team and once the full roster is back i think tanking will hinder the growth. We have a core for the first time in years they just havent played together, i think alot of you forget that

Jabari is a terrible passer


Magic just went on a 19-0 run against the Sixers. We still got a chance

If Kyrie has you up in the air like that you gotta foul hard.

Aron baynes has like 3 or 4 3 pointers against us

Remember last year when we were 4-20 and then won 10 straight?

I miss Lauri :(

Uuh, this will be tough to watch till the end, but I am a tough so will survive till the end whatever happens.

Ok, now it's getting embarrassing.

This is so brutal. I know you're a Bulls fan if you're still in this thread.

We cant even win garbage time. Bostons 3rd team could beat our starters

I think we're playing at rock bottom rn

All of us are going to have to Homer our way back into the bushes after watching this one.

I thought we could win this game.... I guess you can say I'm...GulliBull (Oh sweetie, what is you doin')

How the fuck is Hoiberg not fired after this shitshow...totally unprepared...trash basketball

If u don’t like that, you don’t like bulls basketball

Shoutout to the fans still watching this game and hanging around in the game thread

-----Kill me.

I'm not sure I can make it through to the end of the game.

Even the Celtics fans have left.

Rip bulls

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