Could Boston's offensive woes be due to having too many options?

Could the Boston Celtics' ongoing offensive woes be chalked up to having too many options?

At least one person thinks so, that person being CelticsLife's own Josh Coyne, who wrote on it extensively on his side of the pond in his role as staff writer for UK NBA outlet Double Clutch.

Sometimes, at least until you manage to get a system that works in place, simply having too many options can lead to what I call "analysis paralysis", effectively short-circuiting the lightening-speed decision-making necessary for a top-rated NBA offense. Josh, who calls it "option paralysis", says it:

"... is a term that has been heavily used in recent years, due to the glut of ‘must-see’ media available at our fingertips as consumers. You know that feeling when you scroll endlessly through Netflix because you can’t convince yourself on the right movie, or when you are presented with a menu at a restaurant only to ask for an extra five minutes from the waiter when they come to take your order? That is option paralysis."

What do you think? Check out Josh's arguments for yourselves, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. With a lot more easy teams on the approaching stretch of the schedule, hopefully we'll be able to put this topic to bed, but until that happens, it's a problem we may need to get creative to solve.

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