CelticsLife Race-to-the-Title revision - Look for Gordon Hayward's offensive aggressiveness

Kyrie Irving gave Gordon Hayward the word. Kyrie wants Gordon to start looking for his shot - be more aggressive on offense. The Celtics play the Cavaliers tonight without Jaylen Brown or Al Horford. This would be a golden opportunity for Hayward to get his shooting rhythm in gear - and I am introducing a bonus round, in addition to a revision of our original contest involving Al Horford, who will not be playing (rest).

First, the revision. Originally, I was looking for the total, combined points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks by both Al Horford and Tristan Thompson. Al will not play tonight (rest) so I am substituting Jayson Tatum in his place. So now, I need the winner between Tatum and Thompson for largest number combining all five stats. As a clue, Tristan averages 26 and Jayson averages 27. As an example, you might choose Jayson the winner (Part 1) and 53 as the combined total (Part 2).

The bonus gives participants a shot at gaining six points in one contest, and we now have a possibility of a prize or two to the final winners at season's end. This number is all about Hayward's offense. I am looking for the total of points scored, 3-pointers made, free throws made and plus/minus for the game. As a hint. thus far he has averaged 10 PPG, one 3-pointer made/game, two free throws made/game and a plus/minus of 2 - for a total of 15. Don't forget, that plus/minus may be a minus-something, so it would be subtracted from the other three numbers. Please submit a breakdown of the four stats in the event of ties. Submissions on both need to be made prior to 6:00 PM ET tonight.

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Photo via Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports