CelticsLife Race-to-the-Title results - November 26, 2018

The Celtics beat the New Orleans Pelicans, but Anthony Davis had his usual stellar line of 27 points, 16 boards, five assists, three steals and three blocks with five turnovers. So the number of the game was 49. Land Shark took honors with 49 on the nose. Newcomer Darthdoogh placed with a 50. We have a 4-way tie for third place with CelticsKY, David Anthopoulos, Napolovic and Dylan Dobson all coming within two digits of 49. Results are below:

Win: Land Shark (49)

Place: Darthdoogh (50)

Show: CelticsKY (51), David Anthopoulos (47), Napolovic (51), Dylan Dobson (51)

1 David Anthopoulos 13
2 Red Brooks 9
2 land shark 9
3 Abacus Reveals 8
3 Dylan Dobson 8
4 DimitriusUK 6
4 Alonzo Mucho 6
5 Michael Costa 5
5 Forever_green 5
5 Tiago Jesus 5
5 Nopelovic 5
6 Andre Moreira Lima 4
6 Andrew 4
6 Rondeezy 4
6 Yung Kwan 4
6 CelticsKY 4
7 Daddiorick 3
7 Caio Marques 3
9 Ismael Hasan 2
8 Darthdoogh 2
10 Celtics Next Generation 1

The Celtics have several days off and face the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday. The Cav's center, Tristan Thompson is having a decent season and will go up against Al Horford. This is all based on total points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals notched by both players. Thompson averages a total of 26, and Al goes for 24 - for a total of 50. So this contest has two parts. First, who ends up with the highest total. Secondly, what is the total of all five stats combined for both players (they average 50 between them). You need to pick the player with the highest total, and then submit the total number for both.

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Photo via Gerald Hebert/AP Photo