CelticsLife Race-to-the-Title results - November 17, 2018

The bad news was that the Celtics lost their home game to the Utah Jazz, and Gordon Hayward (and most of the team) just did not get the job done. Gordon finished with seven points, four boards, three assists and two steals for a total of 16. David Anthopoulos has been on the money lately and took the win with his 20. Abacus Reveals loves that #21, and it worked for second place last night. Andrew was third with 22. Results are below.

Win: David Anthopoulos (20)

Place: Abacus Reveals (21)

Show: Andrew (22)

1 David Anthopoulos 10
2 Abacus Reveals 8
3 DimitriusUK 6
3 land shark 6
4 Michael Costa 5
4 Forever_green 5
4 Dylan Dobson 4
4 Andre Moreira Lima 4
4 Andrew 4
5 Daddiorick 3
5 Tiago Jesus 3
5 Caio Marques 3
5 Rondeezy 3
6 Ismael Hasan 2
6 Red Brooks 2
6 Alonzo Mucho 2
7 CelticsKY 1
7 Celtics Next Generation 1
7 Yung Kwan 1

Boston's next contest is against the Charlotte Hornets on Monday. Look for my article later today on the Celtics needing consistent toughness, and nothing defines toughness like rebounding. The number I am looking for is the Celtics rebounding number above or below the Hornets total rebounding number. Ex: Celtics +4 - meaning Boston had four more boards than Charlotte. Or Celtics at minus 2, meaning Boston had two fewer rebounds than the Hornets. As a hint, the Celtics are in 10 place in boards at 46.8 RPG. The Hornets are 16th at 45.0 RPG. So as an average, that puts the Celtics at +1.8. But since this is one game only, just send in a whole number (Ex: plus 5 or minus 2) prior to 6:00 PM ET on Monday.

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