Celtics are home and we are expanding our CelticsLife Race-to-the-title contest

The Celtics lost to the Trailblazers last night, and none of the starting guards for either team broke any records for points and rebounds - so the low-guessers got the contest points. Abacus Reveals loves that #21 - multiplied it by four - and came out the winner. Total points plus boards for all four starting guards was 71. Abacus had 84. Andrew was a newcomer to our board and placed with #92. David Anthopoulos was third with a #95. Results are below.

Win: Abacus Reveals (84)

Place: Andrew (92)

Show: David Anthopoulos (95)

1 DimitriusUK 6
1 land shark 6
1 Abacus Reveals 6
2 Michael Costa 5
3 Forever_green 4
3 Dylan Dobson 4
4 Daddiorick 3
4 Tiago Jesus 3
4 Andre Moreira Lima 3
4 David Anthopoulos 3
5 Ismael Hasan 2
5 Red Brooks 2
5 Alonzo Mucho 2
5 Andrew 2
6 CelticsKY 1
6 Celtics Next Generation 1
6 Yung Kwan 1

The Celtics face the Chicago Bulls next on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. The number we are looking for is the highest 3-point shooting percentage of the Celtics player who is on the floor for at least 30 minutes - reduced to a bottom of 28 minutes if no one plays 30-or-more. As a hint, Kyrie Irving is hitting 3's at a 40.5% clip, while Jayson Tatum is at 38.6%. Both are averaging 32-plus minutes per game. You don't have to name the player - just the top 3-point percentage for the Celtic on the floor for 30-plus minutes (or 28 if no one hits 30-or-more).

We are expanding this season-long contest to get our readers more immersed in the Celtics turning things around now that they are back home. I am going to be looking for the Celtics next 3-game winning streak (they had a 4-game streak already) that is bound to happen. Look for my next article later this morning on that subject. This will be a good chance for participants in the Celtics Race-to-the-Title to pick up some extra points. Submissions and edits must be in by 6:00 PM ET on Wednesday prior to the game versus Chicago.

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Photo via Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images