Watch: Identical plays - Jayson Tatum and Kobe Bryant

Like it or not, a fair amount of Jayson Tatum's game is modeled on Boston Celtics' nemesis, Kobe Bryant.

If my word isn't enough for you, check out the side-by-side comparison produced by Celtics video wizard @Timi_093, also known as Tomasz Kordylewski (and give the man a follow on Twitter to catch his near-daily onslaught of such edits); it's quite obvious to me how much of Bryant's game is in Tatum's repertoire.

While the Kobe connection is a little uncomfortable to me as it is to some of you, apart from the over-reliance on the midrange game, having such a prolific scorer's tricks up your sleeve is largely a good thing, in my opinion; let's hope he adds dimensions more appropriate for the modern game and his likely position going forward.

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Videos; Tomasz Kordylewski/Boston Celtics
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