Very brief glimpse of what Celtics rookie Rob Williams can add to team

With little to write about that was positive and exciting in last night's 93-90 loss to the Orlando Magic, I will focus on one play that may very well have meaning later in the season. It was all about Rob Williams chase-down, and near block, on a runner by Orlando's Jerian Grant.

Grant was headed to the hoop while being hounded by Marcus Smart, Kyrie Irving and Rob Williams. Marcus being right on him bothered the off-balance runner, with the errant shot hitting the side of the backboard. As the shot became airborne, Rob went high for the block, and his elevation and timing seemed perfect - save for the ball hitting the side of the backboard.

For the record, Williams played a mere three minutes and had no points or rebounds. The Magic's Mo Bamba played a more-substantial 19 minutes and garnered five boards, one assist, one steal and two blocks - but zero points on 0-for-3 shooting - numbers I believe that Robert could have at least matched had he seen a lot more floor time.

But we did get the briefest of glimpses into what Rob may add to the team when he gets more into the rotation. A future Bamba-Williams duel down the line would be interesting to watch.

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Photo via Boston Globe