Nice to get some support for my "Jayson Tatum is taller" stand

In my recent article, I proposed that Jayson Tatum seems to have grown since draft night. My stand was met with acceptance, rebuttal and even ridicule. I now have an ally in Dan Greenberg who appears to support my stand.

In my CelticsLife article, I asked the question, Is Jayson Tatum getting taller? I used the above photo as partial evidence, mostly focusing on the heights of Jayson and Al Horford. Greenberg did the same in the tweet below:

Part of my conclusion, found in my article, was as follows:

It appears to me that Jayson is damn close to Al's height and is, at least, a solid 6'9" , up from 6'8.25" prior to his draft. And both Al and Jayson are towards the rear of the group

Please present your arguments pro and con. I am sure I will hear "it's the camera angle." Or "Jayson is in the background" (which he is in the tweet). But I am convinced Tatum has grown, and I am not talking about the level of his game.

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Photo via Maddie Meyer/Getty Images