Leniency prevails in suspensions for Rondo, CP3 and Ingram

The NBA has handed out suspensions to Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul and Brandon Ingram for the fracas on Saturday night, and I question the leniency that was exercised by the League. Ingram was suspended for four games - Rondo for three - and Paul for two. I frankly expected more severe penalties.

Let me start with Ingram. His initial shove of The Rockets James Harden was the starting point for all of this. That ended quickly, but when CP3 and Rondo got testy with each other, Brandon decided he was going to join in, moving aggressively towards an official and then throwing a punch at Chris, who was being held by the Lakers Lebron James. Despite having no history of such behavior, Ingram's actions are just what the League wants to avoid - a non-participant escalating a bad situation. Ingram deserved a more-severe punishment.

Frank Gibbons - CelticsLife reader
"If there was no spit, you must acquit!"

How about Rajon at three games? I admit I am a homer, and I have always admired Rondo. This tough little guy has carved a true, long-term niche in the NBA. But is all about the spitting. I was not convinced by the previous videos I viewed, but I became a believer when I looked closely at the one obtained by the TheAthletic. There is no mistaking it. Purposely spitting on someone is one of the most degrading acts one can do to another individual. That video changed my outlook on almost the entire episode. Rondo's three-game suspension was the least level of punishment he should have received. The video is well worth watching.

As far as Chris Paul's penalty, it was too lenient. Only two games? Putting his finger into Rondo's face was just plain provocative. Still, how would you react if someone spit in your face? Much of the sentiment around the League seems to be on Rondo's favor. It seems CP3 has been an irritant to a number of players.

The penalty outcome will garner a lot of attention and comments. The NBA does not want a repeat of the infamous Malice at the Palace. My take? Double Ingram's suspension to eight games - raise Rondo's to five games and Paul's to four. The controversy over #SpitGate is far from over, and our readers will be sending their feedback. Take a look at The Athletic's video. It is undeniable, something I have to admit regrettably. I did mention I am a true Rondo fan.

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