Is Jayson Tatum getting taller? - I offer my evidence

This has been on my mind for at least a month now, and I need to present what I see. Before quickly discarding what I am broaching, please note that I spent years as a Research Engineer, a profession where precise measurements drive results. My point is, Jayson Tatum seems to have gained some height.

Here is my exhibit. Take a look at the starting-five for Boston. Now at first glance, it looks like Jayson is the tallest of the group, even taller than Al Horford - who is listed at 6'10". So I will play Devil's Advocate here. Maybe Jayson is wearing basketball shoes with thicker soles. Maybe Al is slouching. In the group, is Tatum closer to the camera? I am trying to prove myself wrong. Stay with me.

Try doing what I do. Take an envelope and place the top edge even with the top of the photo. Now move the envelope down, while keeping the top edge parallel with the top of the photo. Do it slowly. It is crude science, but it can work.

Now, as you move the envelope down the photo (keep it parallel), whose top-of-the-head appears first? Tatum's. Now keep going. Who is next? It is Horford. Keep going. Gordon Hayward's top-of-the-head appears just before Jaylen Brown's, but they both have high hair, so go to the top of their foreheads. So Gordan now barely comes in as third-tallest, followed by Jaylen.

Granted, a group photo-as-height-comparison is flawed, but let me add this. Horford is listed between 6'9" and 6'10", depending on which source you choose. My present occupation as Personal Trainer/Health Coach requires me to perform many precise measurements on clients. I just don't rely on the measurements I see on NBA players.

Here is a comment via

He's (Tatum) listed at 6'8".... Yeah right. I saw a timeout where he and horford were next to each other. I think our 19 yo 3pt champ is every bit of 6'11.

Here is more input per's Mitch Stevens:

Blessed with smooth guard skills and a feel for the game, his recent growth spurt has allowed him to post up. He has extremely long arms and often throws over the top of shorter defenders. He sees the entire court. He'll see it even better if one family doctor is correct. That doctor predicted Tatum won't stop growing until he reaches between 6-10 and 7-1. "I was measured recently at 6-8½," Tatum said. "I don't know where I'll stop. But I'll keep working on my game."

It appears to me that Jayson is damn close to Al's height and is, at least, a solid 6'9" , up from 6'8.25" prior to his draft. And both Al and Jayson are towards the rear of the group. Oh, and by the way, while doing some more research on this subject, I learned that Horford pressed 185 pounds 20 times at the Draft Combine. As I keep learning more about this quiet gentleman, my respect for him increases - just like Jayson's height.

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