Brad Stevens voted best coach in the league by NBA general managers

Stevens 2020! Boston's head coach Brad Stevens was voted as the NBA's best coach in the annual GM survey.

The survey is put out every year by the NBA, where every team general manager in the league is asked a series of open-ended questions. Just five years into his young career at Boston, GMs think Prez Stevens is the best in the business. The 41-year-old captured 47% of the votes to edge out the great Greg Popovich in San Antonio:

It may not seem like a big deal. Hell, maybe it's not. Most of you reading this are probably thinking something along the lines of "call me when he wins Coach of the Year" (which, by the way, is crazy he hasn't won yet). That is the award that actually means something, after all. Still though, having that much respect around the league is impressive.

Stevens has led the Celtics to more wins every season since joining the team in 2013. His squad has gone from a newly rebuilding, 25-win team to a championship-caliber, 55 win team in five years. He managed to keep last year's roster winning games all regular season and into the playoffs despite a small string of injuries. He is widely known as the ATO master, as a coach who draws up great, efficient after-timeout plays. Speaking of which, he was also voted as the coach who makes the best in-game adjustments:

It's clear Stevens deserves this praise from league executives.

In other news, the Celtics had a strong overall showing in the survey. Almost every GM believes that the Celtics are the best team in the Easter Conference. They received 90% of the votes. Boston is also ranked as the 2nd best defensive team (37% of votes) behind only the Stifle Tower and Utah Jazz.

Kyrie Irving got some love as well. The C's point guard was voted as the 3rd best point guard (behind Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry) and the 3rd fastest player with the ball (behind Westbrook and John Wall).

Take it as you'd like, but it's always nice to see Stevens, his team, and his players get some praise.

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