Should the Celtics and Jamal Crawford look to join forces?

Now before my readers leave me yelling that there are already not enough minutes to go around with the talent and depth Boston has right now, injuries happen and with Danny Ainge, the specter of a trade always hovers in the air.

Of course, the other issue is that the Celtics roster is full with 15 players signed to standard contracts. But the Jabari Bird situation remains shrouded in mystery, and that is understandable. The allegations against Bird involve serious felonies and domestic violence. The need to protect the alleged victim and his or her privacy is tantamount. Law enforcement, the court system and the Celtics are handling the situation the right way.

But back to Crawford, he appears to be attracting interest from some NBA teams as a free agent, and at the age of 38, he has yet to snag a Title ring. He is not exactly Marcus Smart on defense, but he is a combo guard who can score, create his own shot and distribute the rock. He has great handles and is a proven bench guy, having earned three Sixth-Man-of-the-Year awards.

Philadelphia is only one of several teams that may have an interest in Jamal. Two Western teams, the Lakers and Warriors, may also fall into that category. Danny Ainge may only consider signing Crawford on a one-year minimum deal and Jamal would not come to a team where he was permanently glued to the bench. Crawford no longer has the capability of turning around the fortunes of any NBA team, and at his age he needs to seriously go for a Title this season.

Going to the Eastern Conference team with the best shot at an NBA Championship could very well be his best move. I can picture Crawford playing a significant role for the Celtics later in the season as fatigue and nagging injuries take hold. And his role could increase in the playoffs. In reality, the chances of this union taking place are rather slim, but the benefits could be there for both parties.

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Photo via Zhong Zhi/Getty Images