Robert Williams not ready for 5-on-5 scrimmages - Celtics proceeding slowly

Apparently Celtics rookie Robert Williams is still not 100%-recovered from the knee tendinitis that was aggravated in a collision in his debut Summer League game. And lest we not forget, he suffers from Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome, which adversely affects blood flow to the knee and lower leg.

It is not totally clear if the nagging knee injury and PAES are related, but it seems certain that the Celtics are moving cautiously with Williams' recovery.

Danny Ainge's path here seems to indicate Robert will be brought along slowly, and with Boston's strong, deep roster - why not? If early in the season it seems Williams may need surgery to repair the constriction on that artery in both knees, recovery is normally four weeks for the average individual - and probably a bit more for a pro athlete. The Celtics have little to lose by playing the waiting game and watching how Robert performs early in the season.

The downside for fans obviously is that we don't get to see what we have in the rookie. But apparently, he will be joining his teammates at training camp, and we can hope he is doing 5-on-5's at that point.

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Photo via Faith Niniviggi/Boston Herald