Notes on the NBA's domestic abuse policy

This is not the article I anticipated writing for Boston Celtics-related summer pre-camp news, but here we are.

Without baseless speculation on the current, developing situation regarding Jabari Bird, I thought it'd be useful to offer up what the league does in the new CBA regarding domestic abuse.

It recently updated a lot of this policy with an eye towards rehabilitation and counseling. You can say what you will about domestic abusers, but it's probably a good idea to approach the situation in this way, as they are going to abuse people until they get help, and some structure towards that end is a big step in breaking that cycle.

Specifically, the league mandates not just a minimum 10-game suspension for the player, but also counseling, should the league's Player's Association and the Commissioner agree it's wise, and penalties in extraordinary circumstances can be elevated all the way to expulsion from the league (If you'd like more detail, check question number 110 in Larry Coon's invaluable CBAFAQ, hotlinked to this text).

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