Are we absolutely sure that was Don Nelson at the Hall of Fame Ceremony?

Come on now! I have been observing former-Celtic Don Nelson since his days in Boston, and I am not convinced that was him at the Basketball Hall of Fame Ceremony. You be the judge.

Don was young in the above photo, and he has that boyish there-is-not-an-ounce-of-meanness-in-me look. Referees must have had a tough time calling fouls on him.

Now we see Don with the Golden State Warriors in his second stint there. He had added some weight and some age, but we can tell it is still the Don Nelson we knew.

Now cut it out! Did security check this bearded blond guy out? Show me this photo out of context, and I would swear it is not Don Nelson. And getting back to security, this guy looks like a hit man right out of a movie. Even Dirk Nowitzki had some fun with his former coach.

Seriously, good to see Don, or whoever the hell that guy was. Security should have had him shoot a one-handed, shot-put foul shot to see if it was really him - and compare it to the video below.

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Photos via NBA and The PlayersTribune
Video via Ymca 1986