Looking at the forthcoming season through Rozier-tinted glasses

When Kyrie Irving went down for the remainder of last season, it was clear that the young Celtics would be forced to enter the postseason with a somewhat depleted squad. While still boasting a wealth of talent, Boston were without two All-Stars and needed some bench players to take the reins. Alongside Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, Terry Rozier did just that; the 24-year-old guard took on more minutes and showed legitimate star quality in the playoffs, making plays when his team needed him the most.

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t go unnoticed by opposing teams, who have been sniffing around for a potential Rozier trade if reports are to be believed. He could easily become a starting point guard for several franchises around the association and he knows that, yet he won’t let his self-belief get in the way of winning, for now.

Irving’s return next season means that despite his strong performances, Rozier will retake his place as part of the second unit. The Ohio native won’t be let any role change affect his attitude toward the next campaign and remains laser-focused on winning, at all costs. In fact, he’s looking forward to learning from the 2016 NBA Champion.

Similarly to many members of basketball media, Rozier believes that the potential this year’s Boston team has is immeasurable. Regardless of his role, he is champing at the bit to get going with a season that he feels can be ‘special’. He certainly won’t let any of the aforementioned trade rumors cloud his optimism.

As we are still deep into the offseason, I would be amiss to exclude some off-court Rozier news. It wouldn’t be an early September NBA blog post without an update on a player’s latest major purchase. So, to that end – Rozier bought a modified Jeep everybody.

Bring back NBA basketball, seriously.

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Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America