Aron Baynes has a unique hobby

The Celtics resigned big man Aron Baynes to a two-year extension back in July for $11 million. With that kind of money, it's always interesting to think about what players do after locking in a multi-million dollar deal. Some take up expensive hobbies and buy pricey swag. Baynes isn't quite like that. While vising local the Portland Sea Dogs, the Red Sox's Double-A affiliate, Baynes discussed one of his hobbies: collecting baseball hats.

In particular, the 31-year-old collects Minor League Baseball caps:

There are a few things that I have to note about this:
  • Baynes is replacing Kelly Olynyk very nicely. Not only does Baynes also have a man bun (which was only true some of the time for Olynyk), but Baynes has an extensive hat collection. Remember how Kelly would where baseball caps everywhere in Boston? Whether it was post game interviews to fancy Celtics galas, you would always catch him rocking a hat.
  • Speaking of man buns - if you look closely when Baynes' puts on his collectible hats, you can literally see the imprint of his man bun. Classic.
  • Baynes does have a great point - a lot of the MiLB logos are really cool looking. I'm not sure about anyone else, but they remind me of the logos you would find on Backyard Baseball. Which, by the way, is the highest compliment you could get as a sports brand.
  • Hearing him say "ballpark" in his Australian accent three times in five seconds is quite enjoyable.

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Photo via Celtics