Andrew Bynum trying a comeback - should Boston kick the tires?

Andrew Bynum wants to get back in the NBA.

The question on the tip of at least some of your tongues is - should the Boston Celtics kick the tires?

If you're the type who likes short answers: probably not. Bynum made a name for himself early in his career clashing with Kobe Bryant, and while that alone ought to endear him to Celtics fans, the problem with it is it happened when he was on the same team, trying to stand on equal footing with one of that generation's greatest players.

He's more than likely been humbled since, having lived through his traitorous knees taking him out of the game from his age 26 season until now, four years later, so the personality aspect likely is a less likely source of potential fiction.

His body and style of play, however, more than take its place. An old-school, back-to-the-basket big in the mold of another such player Boston recently took a gamble on and lost (Greg Monroe), there's probably not a lot of use in the league (never mind the Cs) for an archaic big with balky knees.

The one thing that might make him useful is his willingness (if not skill) to shoot from deep - he was actually benched for doing so under Mike Brown on the Los Angeles Lakers. Recent videos show him moving with surprising speed for someone who once relied on athleticism that's almost certainly a shell of its former capabilities, but the gym is empty, and the foot movement not lateral.

On the outside chance he can hit about thirty percent or better from three when open, he'd make a solid third-string gamble for a rebuilding squad, and Boston is neither rebuilding nor possessing an open roster spot (at least, not yet), so barring something very unusual happening, I'd say this is a hard pass for the Celtics.

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