Watch: Red on Roundball Redux #5 - corner position

We know, we know - we're going crazy without basketball, too.

Thankfully, Red Auerbach put together an amazing on the finer elements of basketball skill and strategy that, decades later, is still worth watching, and not just for the history!

To that end, we've been posting the series for your enjoyment during this most boring of months (from a basketball perspective, anyhow), and this episode deals with the corner position.

Featuring  "Pistol" Pete Maravich and Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Red breaks down some more fundamentals with true legends of the sport. Watch the video below for a break from the offseason, or, failing that, catch some of the Cs of years past like Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Brian Scalabrine throwing down in the Big 3 league.

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Video, image: Boston Celtics/1avardac/YouTube 
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