Disregard photos of Kyrie Irving & Anthony Davis - nothing to see here - or is there?

We knew it would start, so I might as well get things rolling. When NBA stars from different teams gather for All-Star break, Team USA trials, etc., there is one guarantee. They will talk about their future plans, players they wish as teammates, teams they want to join and many consider what they perceive as greener pastures.

So of course, during the recent Team USA trials any photo or video of Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis talking will raise a few Brows (that was intentional). The video/tweet below is no exception.

Frank Drebin of Naked Gun fame convinced absolutely no one that there was "nothing to see here" - the fireworks and inferno behind him would be their first indicators, and though I personally see no indications of a come-to-Boston-to-play-with-me conspiracy here, I can't totally dismiss it either.

Mrs. Twice's husband wasn't dead yet, and neither are the AD-to-Celtics rumors. They remain alive and well. Hey, its the off-season and Celtics article material is drying up. Training camp starts next month, so things will perk up soon.

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Photo via Charles Krupa/AP Photo
Video via piXimus