Watch: How far will this year's Celtics go in the playoffs?

Just because the Boston Celtics are stacked doesn't mean they'll make it to the NBA Finals.

There's 82 games in a season, and a lot of solid teams at the top of the Eastern Conference to get through, including a revitalized Toronto Raptors squad featuring Kawhi Leonard, a re-energized Milwaukee Bucks team guided by former Atlanta Hawks head honcho Mike Budenholzer, and the Philadelphia 76ers and Indiana Pacers are no pushovers, either.

Heck, even the Washington Wizards might have some pep in their step with Dwight Howard filling in for Marcin Gortat, and while reports that Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward are healthy and ready for all basketball activities are making the rounds, could it be there's reason to doubt Boston's anticipated domination of their conference next season?

I tried to find some other voices, but right now, nobody but ESPN is making much noise about the NBA, and what I found was a bit muddy. On one hand, an offscreen graphic projects the Cs to have an 18% shot at winning it all, their best since the last banner got hung.

On the other, some tired old tropes are trotted out about actually winning and the "Brad Stevens" effect, but I'm mostly unimpressed. I do agree the odds are against Boston in a Golden State Warriors-Celts Finals, but both teams need to get there, and a lot can go down in the meantime.

Watch the videos above to hear what the folks over at the Worldwide Leader have to say about the Celtics' postseason potential, and let us know if you have strong feelings either way.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE ; video: ESPN
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