The Theis-man cometh! - welcome back, Daniel Theis

Daniel Theis is returning to the Celtics lineup for the 2018-19 season, and he should be at full strength. Last season ended far too soon when he went down with a torn meniscus which required surgery.

With the impending return of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, we may occasionally put Daniel's comeback on the back burner, but not for long. He just kept improving as the season wore on, and a look at his post-All-Star numbers in February, prior to his injury, are revealing.

In those three games, he averaged 21.1 minutes per game, and if we project his stats to per-36 minutes, we get:
21.0 PPG - 11.9 RPG - 1.7 SPG - 2.2 BPG - 71.4% on field goals - 66.7% on threes - 83.3% on free throws.

And he is 6'9", plays center or power forward and can cover most opponents under the hoop or on the perimeter. He not only rebounds at a high rate, I compare his board work to Dave Cowens - and that is high praise indeed. Theis is a natural rebounder.

I had no idea where the phrase The Iceman Cometh actually came from and found it is the title of a dark, sordid play by Eugene O'Neill from the mid-1940's. With that aside, it is time to get Theis off ice and get him back on the parquet where he belongs. I love this guy, but he can keep his post-workout cryotherapy sessions. I get out of my comfort zone in many ways, but ice baths would not be one of them. I question the benefits and avoid the misery of ice water immersion.

The following "Of Course it's cold. It's German" idea via CelticsLife reader 4Kau11. Loved it, particularly the accent.

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Photo via Christopher Evans/Boston Herald
Video via Canned Bommercials