The Isaiah Thomas-Kyrie Irving trade was a year ago today

A year ago today, what little break Boston Celtics beat writers had gotten after the Gordon Hayward signing drama was obliterated after Danny Ainge and company traded Isaiah Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In retrospect, Danny made the right move and won the trade handily, but gloating over the state of the player Dan Gilbert got back would cheapen the effort IT put on the court just a few months earlier, despite a death in his family, a bum hip, and a busted grill.

Don't get me wrong, I understand this is a business, but I also have to have respect for a guy who put it all on the line for his teammates and fans. I also hope he lands on his feet now that he's had some time to heal - the Denver Nuggets seem like a good place for such an altitude-challenged guard to stage a comeback, after all.

Instead of dwelling on the uglier aspects of that deal, I leave you with Brad Stevens attempting to explain the deal to a young fan at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame - If the man ever quits coaching, I think he'd make a good politician.

And one more thing - Thank you, IT.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE ; video: OfficialHoopHall
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