Kyrie Irving named Little Mountain by Sioux Tribe - the name just fits

Kyrie Irving was honored by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe yesterday, and Justin Quinn wrote about Kyrie's heritage-based connection with the tribe, and his support of them.

Irving's sister, Asia, was given the name Buffalo Woman by the tribe and Kyrie was given the name Little Mountain. This is one of the coolest happenings (amazing that "cool" is back from the 50's) I have heard about in some time. Acknowledging his Sioux heritage - celebrating it - and using his celebrity status in such a positive way is simply terrific.

We know Kyrie as Uncle Drew, but this turn has real promise. We already have All-of-Australia, and now a Little Mountain. Should Irving have told the tribe that he believes the world is flat, and Great Prairie may have been a better choice.

But seriously, the name fits. Kyrie is far from the tallest guy in the League, but he often plays like it. I, for one, would love to see that moniker on his jersey. I think Little Mountain is going to have a very big season.

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Photo via Mike McCleary/Bismark Tribune