Jayson Tatum's high school retires his jersey

Something tells me this isn't Jayson Tatum's last jersey to get retired.

Of course, it'll likely be a long time before another goes up to the rafters somewhere, as he only played a season at Duke, but for now, young Taco Jay can rest on his laurels for a hot second after his high school retired his jersey recently.

Tatum's school, Chaminade High School of St. Louis, Missouri, is a popular prep program whose alumni include Bradley Beal and David Lee.

Not bad company to be keeping, though it must have been a little awkward attending as a Duke recruit given the two next-highest profile ballers to come from that program were both Florida Gators (shoutout to Al Horford!). I'm already looking forward to Jayson's 2037 Boston Celtics jersey retirement ceremony (and you'll probably be able to get tickets here if the internet - and us - are still around).

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Image: Chaminade (MO) High School/Twitter
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