Jaylen Brown getting ready to rock the rims - even if his mom says no

Jaylen Brown, as evidenced in the tweet below, is preparing for the 2018-19 season and will be rocking the rims once again - even if his mom says no.

"Jaylen, no more dunking" - his mom

We all remember the bad fall Jaylen took last season after a dunk. Well, Brown's mother told him "no more dunking", but he did say that he probably won't be stopping his jams anytime soon.

Can you imagine watching Jaylen minus the dunks and other athletic moves? I certainly can't. By the way, the exercise Brown is doing is great for athletes, and actually anyone. The exercise in the video below (alternating push-up/one-arm DB raise) takes it a step further. It works the chest, back, front and rear shoulders, biceps, triceps and core. Definitely not for the beginner.

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Photo via Seth Wenig/AP Photo
Video via ScottHermanFitness