Watch: Red on Roundball Redux #3 - coaching

You'd hardly think a day has passed since the latest edition of our summer doldrums Red on Roundball Redux, with the Golden State Warriors making an appearance as a championship squad known for their coaching as much as their success.

Except, of course, for the grainy video, butterfly collars, and voluminous hair on many of the players. But Red Auerbach, Hall of Fame coach and manager of the Boston Celtics put together a classic video series that still holds water on a lot of subjects, and after recent years of blurred roles between player, general manager, and coach (coughLeBroncoughSVGcough), this one on coaching might, too.

This installation, "Coaching", features former head coach of the Warriors Al Attles, one of the league's first African-American coaches, along with Bill Russell.

Of course, there's at least as much history and nostalgia to be had as wisdom in these videos, so whatever your motivation for clicking play, we hope it helps you through these most dull of basketball months. Watch the video above, and take comfort in the thought that October is a day closer than yesterday - and if that isn't enough, catch the other videos in the series here.

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Video, image: Boston Celtics/crudalex/YouTube 
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