Watch: Red on Roundball Redux #1 - the alley-oop

With the doldrums finally in full swing, the Boston Celtics (and NBA)- addicted are faced with two choices - go cold turkey for a few months, or get creative with how we engage basketball in the offseason.

As hooked as any of you, I choose to go with the latter, and decided to share a classic video series featuring Boston's own legendary coach, Red Auerbach, teaching the fundamentals of the game with some of the league's biggest stars.

I'd seen a few here and there, but never realized just how many Red and company had put together, so I figured maybe you, like me, would enjoy these treasures while we wait out the time between now and training camp.

The first video in the series we'll cover is the alley-oop, which Auerbach roped "Pistol" Pete Maravich, Bob Dandridge and David Thompson into helping him put together. It seemed a fitting way to begin after a season so profoundly altered by such a play, and hopefully a good way to put what might have been behind us, as well.

Watch the video above to see the Celtics icon break down the play with a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, and watch Celticslife for the rest of the series as we advance further into the offseason.

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Video, image: Boston Celtics/1avardac/YouTube 
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