Watch: Jaylen's busy summer doesn't keep him off the court

There's no rest for the wicked (good), or so it seems.

Jaylen Brown is continuing to polish his game, putting in reps with coach Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics staff.

Perhaps even more impressive is he's been getting this work in between globe-hopping between dropping 30 in Atlanta at a pro-am tourney, checking Paris Fashion Week and Las Vegas Summer League.

From the commentary included by Brown about his summer, it sounds like his priorities are in order.

Let's hope the basketball gods pay out some big dividends on the court this coming season, and not just to Jaylen, but for all of us.

Watch the video below to catch up on Jaythoven's summer so far, and to hear what he has to say about it.

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Video: Corey Porter
Image: N.S. Butler/NBAE
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