When his name comes up in trade talks, this is usually one of the main talking points when considering whether to include the young wing in a deal for an established superstar, but at least a few well-known media personalities are suggesting Brown may not be that far away from being an established star himself.

With his two remaining bargain-basement contract years on the books coupled with his lofty potential, is there a situation it would make sense for Boston to consider trading away this budding star?

Or, are people looking at the situation through green-tinted lenses?

It's certainly not the norm for players to take such big leaps in their development even once, never mind twice, and asking for a third (or further) such jumps may be not only unfair, but outright unreasonable.

Yet it seems to be the norm so far for Brown - does that mean he's virtually untouchable?

Watch the video above to hear what the guys over at NBC Boston have to say on the matter, and then let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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Image, Video: NBC Boston
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