Video: How many dunks did Jayson Tatum hang on teams last season?

Jayson Tatum might have been a rookie last season, but he didn't play like one.

Dunking on the likes of LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Finals will do that, after all.

And while it might have been his perimeter game that got him noticed early in the season, his booms are what stuck with us, especially that slam on James.

Now that the offseason is truly upon us, the denizens of Reddit have stepped up their game as well, counting and editing together videos like the one below, which tracks Tatums "BPT" rating, or, as pretty much everyone but me calls it, "Booms Per Team".

Which teams did he hang one?

Which teams did he miss?

What teams did he get twice?

Watch the video above to find out - and don't worry, September is coming soon.
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Video: Sim888/Reddit
Image: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE
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