Video: Byron Scott calls out Smart for report he's 'disgusted' with Celtics

Not everyone is buying the idea that Marcus Smart should be "disgusted" about his current contract situation.

It should be noted that this news, which found its way to the Boston Herald's Mark Murphy, came from a "source", and not Smart himself.

This contradicts reporting to the contrary coming from well-connected analysts and even Walter McCarty, a recent former Assistant Coach of the Boston Celtics.

So, when former Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott made an appearance recently on ESPN's The Jump, he didn't mince words on the business end of the league to Marcus.
Personally, I love Smart, and hope we can find a way to get to a multi-year deal that makes sense for all sides - maybe nine or ten million per year with maximum unlikely bonuses (20%) if he shoots league average from deep.

I do not feel bad for his representation making the guy a spectacle, however, when the writing on the wall has been crystal clear regarding how many free agents there would be versus how many teams with cap space, especially if he's behind the "source" bemoaning something it seems everyone but the person who should be the most informed about the process he's supposedly disgusted by.

Any way you slice it, that's some crappy management.

Watch the video above to hear what Scott and the crew of The Jump have to say about Smart's situation.

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Video: ESPN
Image: Harry How/Getty
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