SAC beat writer reports rumors Kings planning offer to Smart "not true"

If the Boston Celtics beat writers are hearing rumbles the Sacramento Kings are planning to tender an offer sheet to Marcus Smart, you'd think the Kings beat writers would be hearing all about it.

Funny thing is, though, is that isn't what's going on, at least from the pen of one such beat writer.

In fact, quite the opposite.

You see, Jason Jones, NBA beat writer for the Sacramento Bee, caught wind of those rumors. He did some investigative reporting on if the Kings were going to tender Smart. The answer came back.

It was "nope".

It seems that Jones' sources don't know what is being talked about by the sources saying the Kings are preparing an offer sheet - funny that.

This isn't to say A. Sherrod Blakely's source isn't a connected voice when it comes to Smart's camp - it just suggests that said source is feeding information that may be, shall we say, intentionally biased?

Happy Walters isn't doing his client any favors, if he's behind this, and if someone in Smart's camp is the "source", well, you can cry wolf only so many times.
We want Smart back. We want the fairest pay for all NBA players (most of us, anyhow). And while I can't speak for anyone but myself, Marcus also made a decision to test the market. And he was almost certainly told by the Celtics it was a bad idea that might get him less than they reportedly offered.

Even if he didn't hear that from them, he should have from his agent. Maybe it's time for a new one?

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Image: Charles Krupa/AP
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