Report: DeMarcus Cousins to sign with the Golden State Warriors

Yahoo Sports' Shams Charania is reporting that DeMarcus Cousins will sign with the Golden State Warriors.

Cousins will reportedly take the Warrior's $5.3 taxpayer Mid-Level Exception, highly unusual for a player of his caliber, into their already-crunched cap structure, the assumption is that Boogie's ruptured Achilles tendon coupled with a lack of cap around the league may have made such a deal palatable in the short term.

What is clear is that unless chemistry or some other unpredictable factor impede the Warriors' new-look roster, next season will be one of the greatest assemblies of talent on one active roster. Whether or not it works is an entirely different question, but even before evidence is seen on-court, this move has immediately surged to become the head-scratcher of the summer.

More details shortly on this developing story.
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