Watch: Paul Pierce thinks Boston MUST win in 6 to advance - is he right?

As a member of the last team to send LeBron James packing before making the NBA Finals, one should take Paul Pierce's opinions on the matter of repeating the feat seriously.

Pierce believes the Boston Celtics MUST defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games, lest they face LeBron at home in Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Finals, which he views as a losing proposition.

As ESPN's Rachel Nichols points out in the video below, it's been done before, but it took the Truth's 41-point game to stop James (who dropped 45 in Game Seven of the 2008 Conference Finals against the Celts) - and there's no Paul Pierce (or Kyrie Irving, or Gordon Hayward, or Daniel Theis, or...well, you get it) to bail Boston out.

There is a young lad cut from a similar mold (Jayson Tatum), but he's still...young, as is much of the Hospital Celtics, who somehow continued their undefeated home streak in the postseason despite being down so many key players.

Can the Cs rely on their TD Garden-based boost to repeat Pierce's (and Boston's) 2008 success in reaching the Finals? Or will it take new strategies, greater effort and focus - or something else? Watch the video below to hear the Truth (and Rachel).

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Image: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE
Video: ESPN
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