Watch: LeBron unworried by blowout, Stevens expects Cavs to hit back

LeBron James isn't worried, and perhaps, for good reason.

The Boston Celtics may have won the game in convincing fashion, but they will have to keep the pressure on, as it's not likely the Cleveland Cavaliers will play as sloppy or shoot as poorly as they did today, no matter how good Boston's defense is.

It could also be the proverbial hubris coming before the fall, but coach Brad Stevens isn't looking at it that way.

For him, and the rest of the Celtics, it's focusing on the next game, and the things they can control. Not narratives, not the past, not the future - just the next game.

It's almost certainly the right move if Boston wants to advance - if history has taught us anything, expecting LeBron to go quietly into the night is a recipe for losing, and this Celtics team seems pretty opposed to such an outcome. Watch the videos below to hear what these two two have to say about the win today, and how they will adjust for the next game.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE
Video: MassLive
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