Green Envy: What Cavaliers fans said - Game 1, 5/13

The Celtics took Game 1 over the Cavaliers in convincing fashion, so you know what that means - yet another Playoff Green Envy! It sounds like Cavs fans were fairly confident going into this one, so it's safe to say that they were not expecting such a weak performance from LeBron James and their squad. Here's what they had to say during their loss.

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Hello, I’d like to order a 17-0 run.

Is that Love’s first dunk of 2018?

I disagree with this strategy of not hitting open shots.

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Not exactly the start i was hoping for.

Still can’t shoot. Awesome.

Uh, um, well, bold strategy here…

Looks like I picked the wrong game to quit sniffing glue

This is probably gonna be the best game BOS will play this series. We are getting by a bunch of overachieving role players.

Marcus Smart hitting jumphooks lol

Relax. LeBron is losing the first half on purpose so that he can climb back in the second half to rip Boston’s heart out.

Jaylen Durant

This is good because:
1. It makes Boston think they can win the series.
2. It pokes the bear
3. It gives the Cavs a chance to learn just what adjustments to make for game 2

Within reach! LeBron’s master plan of ripping hearts out is working as planned.

Aaaaaand there it goes lol.

Toronto made us forget how maddening this team is.

Bench Lebron

I hate how this team is.

Just Get Lebron out this is embarrassing.

I can’t wait to see the looks on Celtic fan faces when they lose this series. Soak this up now, because it’s as good as it’s gonna get for you all.

The trap is set and LeBron is resting now. He just created a false sense of security for the Celtics. He will pull off 4 straight-wins going forward.

Lebron being outplayed by Marcus Morris what a freaking joke.

Lebron is washed up. He’s too old for his play style. They’d be better off sitting him for half the game and forcing the others to play like a team instead of lebron and 4 other guys.

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