Gordon Hayward undergoes surgery to remove hardware from repaired ankle

Gordon Hayward recently had a second surgery on his injured left ankle to remove reinforcing hardware implanted during the first procedure.

It appears that Gordon was experiencing pain or discomfort from the metal screws and chose to have them removed at this juncture. When screws are implanted and then removed, voids remain in the bone at the locations of the implants causing a weakening of the bone structure.

It may require a few months for the bone to regrow into those voids and bring the bone to full strength. Until that happens, basketball activities are not a good idea due to the risk of re-injury.

Hayward is expected to resume basketball activities in 6-8 weeks and be ready for training camp. I, for one, am glad to see this second surgery happen now, rather than becoming necessary during the season. It should mean a minor set-back, meaning Gordon will have to back off on his present activity level, but only temporarily. The timing seems near-perfect.

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Photo via Winslow Townson/AP